The summary..

This is the Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM), the one that I’ve been working on for almost 2 weeks. There is another one, the old one that used to give me a lot of trouble and headaches when the thing doesn’t give the images that it’s supposed to give. All of this is owned by Dr. W.S. Gan from Acoustical Services Singapore Pte.Ltd., a company linked to Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Dr Gan for giving me full access to the equipments, especially the moving lens SAM (picture above) even though the machine is still under development. Not forgetting, software engineer Mr Bala and his boss Mr. Sathiayan from Accureez Singapore Pte.Ltd. (Accureez right… I forgot oledi la… Yeah… 996, Bendemeer Road, near Boon Keng MRT… That one I will never forget… hahaha~) who provided me with technical support even though they knew nothing about ultrasonic.

“I know nothing about this machine. All I know is, I made the controlling software for the machine..hahahaha~” Mr.Bala

Following is the most successful samples that give positive results to my thesis.

This is a composite. Yes, an Aluminum Matrix Composite with 60% volume fracture of Silicone Carbide (SiC). It used to be called metal matrix composite (MMC), but since the percentage of SiC exceeds half of the weight percentage, so it is now called ceramic matrix composite (CMC).

This is the crack that is on the CMC sample. The picture was taken by Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM), can be grouped as light based microscope.

This is an image of the crack (can u see it?) on the sample, taken using SAM. Actually the picture of the crack here is taken a bit below the surface of the sample.

This is an Aluminum Alloy, 2nd series, given by Mr.Kalab, an ex-technician of SME Aerospace. (hoho..thanx bro..tgk..dah kilat abes gua polish besi lu..). Polished and quenched to induce crack on the sample.

This is the sample under FESEM imaging. Only one long crack can be observed on the sample.

And this is the sample under the imaging of SAM. Note that there is another small crack on the above of the long crack. Yeah..that is the advantages of the SAM. Observing cracks and voids even on the subsurface of the sample.

And now comes the last part of the project, that is to write the thesis report and to present all of the results to the FYP panel. I’m going to make the presentation slide after this. I hope the FYP panel will satisfied with all of the findings and results.

hey..dun tembak me la..I’m tired oledi..

And just now I’ve been thinking. This is it, the nearly end part, the last chapter, the summary of my 5 years life in UTM, just to get a piece of paper, with my name on it, with a sign from chancellor, folded and placed in a scroll, a piece of paper that will determine (would it?), where I should be in the near future.

All I’m asking now is just a small measure of peace, so that I can think rationally ,wisely and pro actively to fold this story of student life….with style.! (huh?)


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  1. rite now mr.KaLab is being hunt down by SMEA officers for given an unauthorized company property to unknown third-party….

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