A Study of Acoustic Microscopy on Composite Material

huhu..My final year thesis.Isn’t interesting.

Yeah..I hope so..

Actually this project is a new research by Prof Dr Jamaliah which collaborate UTM with Polytechnic of Singapore. Since here in UTM, we doesn’t have the equipment to do the acoustic microscopy technique of specimen testing, so we have to collaborate with whom who have the technology which is Singapore. So I’m hoping Prof will bring me there and introduce me to anybody there so they will recognize me. Of course yeah. Just imagine if she ask me to go there by myself.I’m truly a dead man!. Don’t say Singapore, even on the customs area, I’ve never been there. Not even once!.Argh..forget about going there.Now i just want to concentrate on learning about this topic. Its quite interesting..

What is Acoustic microscopy?

Acoustic microscopy is a tool for studying the internal microstructure of non-transparent solid. The microscope uses acoustic impedance to produce high resolution image of samples interior structure to detect difficult to find defect such as interfacial separation, solder ball delamination and die attach voiding.

Don’t ask me what is it..It’s not the right time..

Purpose of Acoustic Microscopy

From this method of microscopy it will provide non-destructive investigation of opaque device (ahahah..whats dat?).From my understanding by using this method, the micro image of the specimen can be obtained while the specimen will not be destroyed.


I’m going to see Prof tomorrow. She said she will give us (i mean all of his project’s student) a guideline and a brief introduction to our topic for jump start.


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