When the internet fails

  1. You feel like something’s missing in life. Suddenly, life seems dull and drab. Everything seems just too quiet. And you proceed to the next symptom
  2. You wander aimlessly around the house/room, wondering what to do with yourself. This usually accompanied by a feeling of restlessness, boredom, anxiety and annoyance in varying degrees ( depending on the level of internet addiction). Sometimes it helps to stand and glare at the hapless modem or router and silently curse at your Intenet Service Provider.
  3. You feel alone.. isolated from the world.. disconected. The sense of isolation can hit pretty hard, especially when one is used to chatting with numerous people at once. All of a sudden, it is at though one’s world has gone silent.Utterly
  4. You take out your cellphone, resigned to actually having to talk to someone. When the silence and boredom reaches its limit, you cave in and dial a friend’s number, figuring that spending a little bit of money on talk time or SMS is worth more than boredom.
  5. You continuously hit the Refresh button in your internet browser, hoping that by some magical occurrence the connection will return.Generally , this would mean staring at the computer, in some desperate hope that by clicking “Refresh” or hitting F5 button, the Internet connectionicon will miraculously be reinstated.
  6. You actually speak to your roomate or housemate.You look at each other.And you ask, “Are you connected?Or is it just my PC?”
  7. The television become a source of entertainment once more. it’s amazing how the good old television can become so fascinating when the Internet connection is down.And Astro turns into an absolute godsend.
  8. You think that going to class might be amusing for once. A rather rare occurrence, but happens. (Hey, let’s be honest. We’re students after all. We don’t find every single class entertaining)
  9. You sleep normal hours again due to lack of things to do.
  10. You turn off your computer before going to sleep.Without the Internet, there is no reason to leave your computer running 24/7. It is perhaps, the only time that most of our computers get a ‘”rest”, apart from when they hang and start coughing up errors as a hints for us to give them a break.

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